This new structure dedicated to the music scene is located in the commune of François in Martinique.

Hugues Jean-Louis, is the manager and promoter of this open-air theatre. This one guarantees us an equipment which is concerned and respectful of its environment.

Indeed, this new space is able to welcome local and international artists on more than 2.5 hectares, including 280m2 of a covered dome, with a maximum capacity of 5000 people.

A vegetated area with gravel drainage, allowing spectators to sit on a more pleasant floor for better comfort.

Everything is done to allow the audience to enjoy an exceptional place where culture and art are expressed in a variety of ways.

Considered as the largest stage in the Caribbean, this space has all the necessary infrastructures for the well-being of visitors.
Let’s be responsible for this green setting through an eco-citizen attitude.

But, what does it mean to be an “eco-citizen”…Am I concerned?

The preservation of the environment, our natural heritage and our biodiversity is everyone’s prerogative.

Being an eco-citizen is a real education, an everyday learning experience.
Our green spaces are of inestimable value to man and nature.

Therefore, it is our duty to preserve and promote a healthy environment.

You who eat and throw away your waste without worrying about the rest. STOP.

You who like to refresh yourself with a drink and “forget” your bottle or can on the floor. STOP.

You who go to the toilet to relieve yourself think of those who come after you. You are not alone in the world. Toilet paper is not unlimited. STOP.

You who smokes knows there’s no such thing as a human-sized ashtray. STOP.

This is only a non-exhaustive list that could continue to grow.
All this pollution has an ecological impact on the fauna and flora of our ecosystem.

Yes, we have rights and duties that imply active and responsible participation. It is a daily struggle that requires the participation of everyone. A cultural revolution that should lead us to change our behaviour.

Let us remember that our past generations have not experienced such pollution.

Let us therefore be the guarantors of the future generation to integrate an eco-educational approach.

It is our attitude today that will determine our tomorrows.
The Appaloos’Arena offers us a relaxing setting, a natural and aesthetic landscape for all types of events in our daily lives (concerts, weddings, works councils, etc…). It is therefore essential that we protect and respect such a place.

A jewel of Martinique that deserves our attention. We owe it to those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and the winning vision to invest in our island.

Thank you for your commitment and participation in preserving the Appaloos’Arena.

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