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Mizik Nou Festival

09 August 2020


There are no upcoming events at this time.


A space for Festivity!

The site can optimally accommodate 6,000 people wishing to enjoy a concert or a festival, in a welcoming and adaptable environment for all audiences.

Entertainment is the word of reference for this open-air theatre that can host local, national or international artists of great renown.

All these artistes have a place where they can express themselves freely, and thus offer a quality show to spectators in search of culture.

The Appaloos’Arena allows the culture of Martinique to display its colorful palette of artists, and at the same time contributing to the development of tourism.


The musical culture in Martinique is a real melting pot.

But before that, make the most of your day to explore the island’s many facets. Climbing, rainforest walks, river bathing or even diving in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea… And as all these activities whet your appetite, nothing better than enjoying the mix of Caribbean and international cuisine that Martinique offers before sunset.

You are ready for your night out.

Nightly concerts

Rocked by multiple sounds: Zouk, reggae, biguine, Bêlé or Mazurka… Music is an integral part of the history of the Caribbean.

It is our DNA, our essence.

The Appaloosa’Arena is a place of meeting and exchange between artists and people.

The public will therefore have the opportunity to discover or experiment again with the musical universe through multiple styles from all over the world, such as: Salsa, Rock, Souskous, African Music, Jazz, Chouval bwa, Pop, RNB, Hip Hop, Soka, Rap, Meringue, Bachata… that will titillate your ears and make you want to dance.

The Appaloos’Arena is the new trendy place where you will have no choice but to dance . The organizers intend to bring a new international dimension to Caribbean music with the arrival of new artists…

The Apoaloos’arena team has begun implementing these values, and which have led to the success of the event space since its opening. A cosmopolitan vision of Caribbean, French-speaking and Creole-speaking artists.

No wonder today that this site attracts a large audience with an increasing demand for this type of world-class musical encounters.

To put it simply, the Appaloos’Arena is the new trendy venue, which marks the organizers’ desire to give a new dimension to Caribbean music, and which is increasingly positioning itself internationally with a myriad of artists.

It is no wonder that this concert venue in Martinique is attracting an increasingly large audience which demands this kind of world-class musical encounters.


The Appaloos’Arena offers original events.

Each season is an opportunity for this venue to promote beautiful surprises. Discovery of dance shows for children, comedies or even plays.

In addition, islanders and tourists will also be able to discover international artists performing in the Appaloos’Arena Martinique. Programs and shows are aimed at a wide audience where the desire for culture and adventure are paramount.

Our ambition is to build a green theatre of the 21st century in the heart of the Caribbean .The theatre will be as attractive, functional,and welcoming to the public; modern, rich and eclectic in its programming as it is in its aesthetics.

Our desire: a unique place that brings sensations and human encounters.


Coming from the airport Aimé Césaire:

  • pass the Manzo dam
  • direction Ville du François
  • continue on the RN6, then
  • take the direction of Réunion Sud (Le Francois).
  • Turn at the Appaloosa sign.

Welcome ! You have arrived at your destination.

A car park has been set up for your parking.