The Appaloosa is growing!

This multidisciplinary open-air venue allows the organization of concerts, parties, receptions, seminars and weddings… Its manager Mr. Jean-Louis, known for his expertise in organizing various events for years, is growing: the Appaloos’Arena is born.

The first will of its precursor is to encourage the Martiniquais to be interested in international and Caribbean artists by staying on their island or nearby. The goal being to allow artists to extend their musicality and musical heritage within the Caribbean basin and the rest of the world. It is an opportunity for decompression, anti-stress and privileged moments rich in emotion.

From now on, this environment offers conditions of comfort and quality professional facilities.

Indeed, everything has been precisely studied. Wherever the spectator will be on the site, he will be able to enjoy an overview without constraint since the terrain has a graded shape offering a plunging view of the stage of the show.

Also, the advantage of a drained ground which will not be muddy in case of rain. There is nothing like enjoying the music in complete peace of mind.

A fine example to follow for the future entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Appaloos'Arena concert spectacles martinique

This project will have taken 4 years to complete. A 280 m2 dome stage, a parking lot extending over 2.5 hectares and a catering area.

This nugget is a new tool of attractiveness for Martinique.

The site is accessible to people with disabilities – in terms of reduced mobility, visually or hearing impaired.

During each event, qualified personnel will be on hand at each access point to facilitate their entry to the site. Nothing is left to chance. Let’s not forget that the aim of this complex is to allow everyone to have a good time in complete safety.

Head in the stars, but feet on the ground.

A 280 m2 stage on one hectare of land. Capacity for 6000 people

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Construction of the Arena